Hire of the Cafe for a 16th Birthday Party

40th Birthday Bash
October 25, 2018
54th Birthday Meal
February 3, 2017
  • TaskHire of the cafe with a cold buffet provided & the extra of hot drinks

Penenden Deli was hired for a 16th Birthday party!

One of our regular customers hired out our cafe for their daughters 16th party. We didn't manage to take any pictures due to us being rushed off of our feet but the event was a huge success.

This particular party had full use of the cafe to themselves and we kitted and decorated the cafe out for the birthday girl. The menu choice was cold buffet this included our mini pastries; sausage rolls, cheese and bacon puffs and scotch eggs. We also provided miniature sandwiches and a chocolate fountain with strawberry and marshmallows to dip.

The actual event only cost our client £100.00, with the extra charge for hot drinks. In total our customer spent around £150.00 for the hire of our cafe, which is super cheap considering they had food included in that aswell! We cannot state how cheap we are to hire out- this is so beneficial for those who want to have a birthday gathering/party but simply cannot afford the venue.